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The one-day CITB Health and Safety Awareness course aim to ensure that the delegate understands why they are carrying out their identified duties, what is expected of them and to ensure that they contribute to the safety of the workplace. This course is a mandatory requirement for those wishing to apply for a CSCS Card.

From Bricklayers and Labourers, the CITB Health and Safety Awareness course is for those who have entered, or are about to enter, the construction and civil engineering industry.

The CITB Health and Safety Awareness Course has been designed to help delegates understand the various potential hazards that they may face at work on site. It provides a practical summary of health and safety, welfare and environmental issues identifying individual responsibilities for looking after themselves and others, what the employer’s duties are and what should be done if they think anyone’s health and safety, including the individuals, are being put at risk.

What Does The Course Include?

On the CITB Health and Safety Awareness Training Course you will cover everything from accident prevention and reporting, to manual handling and construction site best practices.

At the end of the CITB Health and Safety Awareness Training Course, delegates will be able to understand the need to prevent accidents, have an understanding of health and safety law, identify how their role fits into the control and management of the site and understand the need for risk assessments and method statements

Do I need to pass a test?

To hold a Green CSCS labourer card you must complete the CITB Health and Safety Awareness Training Course. Completing the CITB Health and Safety Awareness Training Course includes passing the CITB Health safety and environment Test. This is also sometimes referred to as a CSCS test.


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