Duration of the course: 1 day

If you work as a licensed private hire driver in the UK, you are obliged to retain an acceptable level of English skills so that you can communicate with your customers and to understand important messages from Transport for London (TfL).



Our interactive, engaging course has been specially tailored to meet TfL’s language requirements. You will learn with a bilingual trainer who will lead you through written and oral exercises during this interesting, friendly course. You will then take the B1 test that will enable you to apply for or renew your private hire driver’s licence.

The highly-skilled trainers at Bridge Training have a large number of resources available to them to make the learning process fun and memorable. We further offer post-course support for anyone wishing to apply for their private hire driver licence and seek driving work in the UK.

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18/12/20, 29/01/21, 26/02/21, 26/03/21

Who should attend this course

Licensed private hire drivers requiring solid proof of their proficiency in written and spoken English will benefit from this practical, accessible course.