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The Security Guard Training Course is required if you want to obtain the SIA Security Guarding Licence which allows you to work in the private security industry as a security officer. Security Officers can work in a wide variety of roles including static guarding, manned guarding and key holding.

Difference between Security Guarding and Door Supervision

You may be wondering the difference between Security Guarding and Door Supervision. It is important to understand this difference as Security Guards cannot work as Door Supervisors. However, Door Supervisors can work as Security Guards.

It is important to note that Security Guard licence holders cannot work in licensed premises. We, therefore, recommend doing the SIA Door Supervisor licence course as it is a better investment with more job prospects.

Career Progression for Security Guards

Career prospect

In addition to corporate establishments, private residences and other organisations, any business selling alcohol, including small pubs, retailers, large nightclubs, cafés, restaurants, hotels and sports facilities may need trained security staff qualified as door supervisors who hold an SIA licence.

Course Content

  • Know the main characteristics of the private security industry.
  • Understand legislation as it applies to the individual in carrying out a licensable activity.
  • Understand the importance of safe working practices to comply with legal requirements.
  • Understand fire procedures in the workplace.
  • Understand emergencies and the importance of emergency procedures.
  • Understand the importance of communication skills and customer care.
  • Understand the role of a security officer within the private security industry.
  • Understand the law relevant to the role of a security officer.
  • Understand the importance of, and reasons for, patrolling.
  • Understand access and egress control.
  • Understand searching relevant to a security officer.
  • Understand the purpose and functions of different types of electronic and physical protection systems.
  • Understand reporting and record keeping relevant to a security officer
  • Understand the principles of conflict management appropriate to their role.
  • Understand how to recognize, assess and reduce risk in conflict situations.
  • Understand how to communicate in emotive situations to de-escalate conflict.
  • Understand how to develop and use problem solving strategies for resolving conflict.

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